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Group Lessons

Providing Everything You Need



From Year 2, pupils are invited to join a Group LAMDA lesson which focuses on developing their confidence, expression and creativity through drama games, improvisation, singing, movement, poetry and script work.  At the end of the academic year the pupils are offered the opportunity to enter for a Group Introductory LAMDA Examination, which is a gentle forerunner to the more complex Performance and Communication exams available from Year 3 upwards.


Musical Theatre

Your child doesn’t have to be a fabulous singer, the emphasis is upon acting through song. Pupils learn how to tell a captivating story through song with vibrant characterisation and strong acting technique. They will learn how to use vocal techniques to convey the right mood and engage with the material to form a thoughtful interpretation of the song or songs. Where appropriate movement is also choreographed to compliment the performance.  As they progress through the grades, pupils will explore characterisation through scripts, monologues or duologues, which are performed in character and act as an introduction to their songs.


The LAMDA Musical Theatre syllabus is fun and flexible. The material (chosen songs) will be tailored closely to the pupils’ interests, thereby capturing their imagination and enthusiasm from the off.  We aim to develop confident performers and in doing so foster a love for Musical Theatre.

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